BBC What's New



Present an idea that uses open platforms to allow consumers to contribute, adapt and develop their own experience − to give the BBC news audience around the world a global voice. 


The BBC is one of the world’s most popular news providers with a massive and growing audience across the world. From London to Lagos to Lima, the corporation’s international news output reaches over a quarter of a billion people every week across Radio, TV and Web.





The goal is to keep the user interested, and find what makes news more inviting to a large demographic. Attempt to read their minds to find what their real preferences are through create a ranking system for articles thats dictated by what the users like and comment on most frequently. Also to track what users look at on the web and in social media to more accurately pin point their needs. 


  • Rapid-fire (tinder-like) article selection process. User is shown articles based on preferences, swipe left and right to select or click to read now. 
  • Indirect questionnaire to see what topics users are interested in, by what blogs they read, and what websites they browse.
  • Implementing Medium: A minimal commenting system that allows users to highlight specific text and be given options. Tweet, share, comment. This also adds tiny annotations to the articles. 
  • Article summaries generated by a heat map of the articles. This heat map shows what parts of the article is commented on and uses it to create a relevent summary and keywords to tag the article by. (This is the ranking system by users)